Enjoy worry-free website security

Rest easy with sophisticated monitoring and hands-on help from SparkTrust security experts

Your website traffic can take years to build, but only minutes to ruin. When a virus or malware strikes, restoring your reputation is a stressful process. The longer it takes to get off search engine blacklists, the more business you lose. With web security threats on the rise, it’s essential to be proactive about protecting your online presence.

Full Service Web Security from SparkTrust

SparkTrust protects your website and your reputation with sophisticated security technology, backed by hands-on security experts who get you back to business again quickly if your site has been infected. We check your website and software against all major search engines and blacklists and immediately alert you if there’s an issue. By working closely with other industry members in the security community, SparkTrust can expedite most conflict resolutions.

Our security experts handle all you web security issues including:

  • Security monitoring – we monitor your site 24/7 and alert you to issues right away
  • Site clean up – we log into your server and remove the malicious code
  • Blacklist removal – we contact search engines and restore your reputation

Our support staff has over twenty years of experience and is passionate about your website’s security. Whether it’s tracking down and removing the latest malware threat to your website or ensuring you have the latest version of your favorite blogging software, we take the worry out of web security so you can better focus on your business.



SparkTrust in Action

Learn how we helped an online pharmacy rebound quickly from a malware attack, and set them up to protect from future attacks.


The probability that an average Internet user will hit an infected page after three months of web browsing is 95%. (1)

95 percent

(1) http://blog.dasient.com/2011/03/dasient-q4-malware-update-significant.html