Keep your PC free of errors and viruses

Protect your PC from Viruses

At SparkTrust, we understand how to root out the most stubborn viruses. Our certified technicians remotely login to your computer and get to work removing all traces of malware and viruses. With new PC viruses being found every day, ensure you have the most powerful protection against these malicious threats.

Remote Live Support from SparkTrust

At SparkTrust, our certified technicians will login to your computer to remotely diagnose and repair any problems with your computer, whether it is a virus infection or a persistent error. We make it easy for you to get your computer fixed, without costly onsite technicians.

Our certified technicians handle all your PC issues, including:

  • Remote Virus Removal – Get rid of the nastiest infections.
  • PC Optimization – Have your PC running like new in no time.
  • PC Troubleshooting – Eliminate errors and other issues plaguing your PC.

SparkTrust in Action

Learn how we helped an online pharmacy rebound quickly from a malware attack, and set them up to protect from future attacks.


The probability that an average Internet user will hit an infected page after three months of web browsing is 95%. (1)

95 percent

(1) http://blog.dasient.com/2011/03/dasient-q4-malware-update-significant.html