SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus


SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus

Supercharge your PC

Optimize your computer, find potential errors and eliminate Malware. SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus is an innovative new way to protect your PC and keep it running for optimal performance.

What to do Now

Simply click a download link on this page and try out a free system scan. PC Cleaner PLUS will identify areas of potential improvement and give you the information needed to make system changes yourself, or upgrade to the paid version and let the software do it for you automatically, safely and in just minutes!

Computer Optimization

Over time, you may notice it takes your PC longer and longer to start up or perform a task. Often, this is the result of too many programs competing for system resources. SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus will help to make your computer perform like new, by managing and offering to disable unnecessary programs that hog your systems resources when your computer starts up.

Identify Issues

As users download and uninstall applications, Windows based computers can develop issues. Over time the Windows registry may build up references that are no longer needed, trying to run a program or reference a program that no longer exists on your computer. This could result in system crashes, freezes and overall slow performance. SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus will clean the clutter out of your registry from programs that were impartially removed over time. New computers aren’t always immune to performance issues as many new PCs come pre-bundled with software, that you may not need or want, that takes up system memory or resources. Our software shows you helpful information that will enable you to decide what gets to run on your computer.

PC Security

SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus will uncover and solve issues with malware, spyware, and more. It will also shield your privacy by deleting personal information that your computer stores – passwords, credit card information and more -that, if it gets in the wrong hands, could be used to steal your identify, make false credit card charges and perform other malicious activity.

Register Later, Choose a 6 month or longer subscription

After downloading and trying out PC Cleaner Plus we hope you will choose to register and upgrade to the paid edition, to fully enjoy all the great PC cleaning and maintenance features offered. Also remember there is a fully updated and powerful antivirus and anti-Malware database included in this great product. With an optional subscription you will have always-on blocking of potential threats like viruses and other Malware.

Supercharge your PC. Try a free scan.



SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus – Overview

Secure and optimize your PC

Eliminate malware, correct issues and optimize your computer. SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus is an innovative new way to protect your PC and keep it running for optimal performance.

Easy to Use

With a click of a button, SparkTrust PC Cleaning software will remove malicious malware, clean up clutter and tackle system problems.

Up-to-date Protection

At SparkTrust, we’re always uncovering new ways hackers break into your computer and/or website. Automatic updates ensure you’re always getting the most up-to-date protection.

Free Support

With a subscription comes the peace of mind that there’s always someone there to help. Our expert technicians are always happy to assist you with whatever problem you may have.

Supercharge your PC. Try a free scan.





Supercharge your PC. Try a free scan.



System Requirements

SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus performs at its best when your computer meets or exceeds the following minimum specifications:

  • 20 MB free hard disk space are needed for the initial installation.
  • Microsoft IE 6.0 and above.
  • Operating privileges: logged on as administrator.

Windows Operating Systems Information

SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus

Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP


Operating System Requirements
Windows® 7 Operating System 64-bit
  • 2 GB Memory (RAM)
  • 1 GHz Processor Speed
Windows® 7 32-bit
  • 1 GB Memory (RAM)
  • 1 GHz Processor Speed
Windows Vista® Operating System 32-bit
  • Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate
  • Service Pack 2
  • 1 GB Memory (RAM)
  • 1 GHz Processor Speed
Windows Vista® 32-bit
  • Home Basic
  • Service Pack 2
  • 512 MB Memory (RAM)
  • 800 MHz Processor Speed
Windows® XP Operating System 32-bit
  • Service Pack 3
  • 256 MB Memory (RAM)
  • 300 MHz Processor Speed

Supercharge your PC. Try a free scan.