SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus

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Optimize your computer, correct system errors and eliminate malware, correct system errors and optimize your computer. SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus is an innovative new way to protect your PC and keep it running for optimal performance.

Computer Optimization

Over time, you may notice the time it takes your PC longer and longer to startup or perform a task. Often, this is the result of too many programs competing for system resources. SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus will make your computer perform like new, by managing and even disabling unnecessary programs that hog your systems resources when your computer starts up.

Fix System Errors

Windows based computers can become riddled with system errors, due to an unstable Registry. The Windows Registry can get large, unstable, and full of errors. This results in system crashes, freezes and overall slow performance. SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus will clean out your registry so that your computer runs like a well oiled machine.

PC Security

SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus will uncover and solve issues with malware, spyware, and more. It will also shield your privacy by deleting personal information that your computer stores - passwords, credit card information and more -that is used to steal your identify, make false credit card charges and perform other malicious activity.

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