SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro


SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro

Improve Your Mac’s Performance

Want to improve your Mac’s performance? During the lifetime of your Apple computer, thousands of files, leftover items, and clutter build up. This takes up valuable disk space. SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro quickly and safely cleans away these items to help your computer run at its best.

Clean Thoroughly and Safely

Manually cleaning your Mac takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge. Mistakes could hurt your computer’s performance. SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro is the safe and thorough way to clean your Mac.
It is so simple! Just click once to start SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro’s scan. Then click again to have it clean away all of the unneeded items. Mac users of all skill levels can safely clean their computer in just minutes.
This easy-to-use yet sophisticated program deeply scans your Mac to find unneeded, useless, out-of-date, and hidden files that just take up room. All items it identifies are safe to clean. However, a list of files to be cleaned is displayed and users can easily uncheck any they wish to keep.

Get Rid of the Junk

You don’t need useless files slowing down your Mac! With just a couple of clicks, SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro gets rid of everything you don’t need.

SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro:

  • Removes junk files, leftover items, and more that clutter up your Mac
  • Finds localized language files that you don’t need
  • Empties all trash cans
  • Frees up valuable disk space
  • Is easy-to-use

The Details

The types of files SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro quickly gets rid of to improve your computer’s performance include:

Log files: Countless log files are generated by your Mac. They are not needed! Log files that can be cleaned away include: crash reporter, software update log, iPhone update log, download log, diagnostic report, and Apple system log.

Cache files: Files are cached, especially by your web browser, to improve load times. These files can build up and hog disk space. SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro removes such cache files as Safari cache, iTunes cache, iPhoto cache, Skype cache, and App Store cache.

Trash Bins: These trash bins store old files, photos, and deleted items. By emptying the trash regularly, you can free up disk space and help your Mac’s performance. Among the trash bins SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro empties are the main trash folder, iPhoto trash, and mail trash.

OSX Localization: The Mac operating system stores files for all languages. These can take up valuable space. SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro can remove all unnecessary localized languages.


SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro is a valuable tool that cleans away unneeded files on your Mac. This software is compatible with Mac OS 10.8-10.11.

Improve Your Mac’s Performance. Try a free scan.



SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro – Overview

Clean Your Mac

SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro empties trash bins and cleans away log files, cache files, and other unneeded clutter that uses up valuable disk space. This cleaning can help your computer’s performance.


You do not need to be a tech wizard to use SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro. With just a couple of clicks you can safely, quickly, and easily clean your Mac thanks to this program’s advanced scanning and cleaning engines.

Safe Cleaning

The development team has worked hard to develop a scanning engine to accurately identify unneeded files. You can review a list of files it has flagged for removal and choose to keep any that you want.

Removes What is Not Needed

SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro helps your computer by getting rid of unneeded files. These include log files, cache files, unnecessary language files, files in trash bins, and more.

Improve Your Mac’s Performance. Try a free scan.



System Requirements

SparkTrust MacCleaner Pro performs at its best when your computer meets or exceeds the following minimum specifications:

  • 20 MB free hard disk space are needed for the initial installation.
  • OS X versions 10.7 to 10.11.

Improve Your Mac’s Performance. Try a free scan.