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When security issues are affecting your site, you don’t have a minute to waste—you need real expertise on call to minimize downtime and loss of revenue. SparkTrust’s experienced team of security professionals is on call to quickly get your site back up and running, safe and secure.

Our support staff is serious about security. We focus on fixing your web security issues, no matter what it takes. Our repair service addresses all of your web security issues, including:

  • Malware & Virus Removal: When your site has been infected, we’ll actually log into your server and remove the offending code
  • Blacklist Removal: We restore your reputation quickly by reaching out to search engines and getting you off blacklists


Every 2 to 3 seconds, a website falls prey to hackers and gets infected with malicious software. (1)

2.5 seconds

(1) http://www.sophos.com/en-us/security-news-trends/security-trends/security-threat-report-2011.aspx