Don’t let security concerns catch you by surprise

SparkTrust proactively monitors your online properties to identify potential security problems that could adversely affect your business. Here are a few of the areas that we track so you don’t have to.


It’s common for legitimate websites to force malware onto unsuspecting visitors when they’ve been hacked. This results in a deadly loss of trust among your visitors. SparkTrust provides a reliable defence against these “drive-by downloads.”


Protect your business from blacklisting. If your website or software is placed on a browser or search engine blacklist, it can kill your inbound traffic and negatively impact your reputation. SparkTrust boasts one of the largest blacklist databases in the industry, and we actively monitor it on your behalf.
If your site goes down, it can cause a major loss of revenue and hurt your reputation with customers. SparkTrust monitors your site on a regular basis to ensure it’s available.


Percentage of hacks on business predicted for 2012