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See how SparkTrust protects your website, business and profits.

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SparkTrust provides essential security services to protect your website, business and profits. Using an innovative, customer-centred approach, SparkTrust provides you the software, services and support that you need to protect your online properties and reputation.

SparkTrust will:

  • Protect your websites with scans for:
    1. Vulnerabilities that cyber criminals and hackers could exploit
    2. Malware (aka “drive by downloads”) that hackers force your site to serve to unsuspecting visitors.
    3. PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance via an ASV (Authorized Scanning Vendor) scan. Non-compliance can lead to fines and significant loss of revenue.
  • Deliver the expert service you need. Our professional support staff experts have the knowledge and experience to help ensure the security of your sites. If there’s a problem, they will help you solve it.
  • Keep your online reputation squeaky clean with continual monitoring. False positives do happen and can cause havoc for your business if not caught quickly. If your site or software has been blacklisted, you’ll be alerted – and can act quickly to rectify the problem.
  • Alert you if your site is down. An unplanned site outage impacts your reputation and your bottom line.
  • Help your business succeed by ensuring a safe site. If your customers trust your website, your business will do well.

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