Google De-Blacklisting

Your website is your business. If people can’t get there, you are in big trouble!

Being blacklisted by Google or other search engines, browsers or anti-virus software brings your online traffic to a standstill. If blacklisted by Google, a site with consistent organic search traffic can lose from 70% to 90% of its traffic, across all search terms. Once you are on one blacklist, it usually snowballs and you are added to several blacklists, such as those maintained by Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Potential customers from all over the world are blocked from visiting, and revenue is lost. SparkTrust Certified keeps a keen eye out to see if your website or software is blacklisted by Google or other companies.

SparkTrust Systems works quickly to have your site or software cleared from the blacklists. Our security experts are extremely knowledgeable about the blacklisting process, and will use their expertise and contacts in the industry to have your site cleared as quickly as possible.

How does the blacklisting work?

A blacklist (also known as a block list) is basically a database of sites that search engines, browsers and anti-virus programs, among others, keep of sites that are known to have malware. Google, Symantec, McAfee, Yahoo, Bing and security software companies often display a strongly worded warning when users try to navigate to a blacklisted site. While users can choose to proceed, most often they do not because of the warning. This can severely hurt your business. As well, clients who see the message can be leery about your business, even if you have a bricks and mortar location.

SparkTrust Systems boasts one of the largest blacklist databases in the industry. It utilizes data from search engine and browser blacklists as well as partnerships with security resources such as SparkTrust’s blacklist database is constantly changing. If your company is added to a blacklist, you will be notified.

Websites are generally blacklisted when they have been detected as malicious. Many blacklisted websites are owned by legitimate companies that have been exploited. Every two to three seconds a website is hacked and infected with malicious software. It’s also possible for a site to end up on a blacklist due to a false positive.

Early detection of blacklisting is very important. As noted above, once you are added to one list, you will often find yourself on many of them. Acting quickly – and with the help of professionals such as the SparkTrust Systems team – is important.


Every 2 to 3 seconds, a website falls prey to hackers and gets infected with malicious software. (1)

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