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How to Fix Slow Windows Startup

Problems and Symptoms

It takes an extremely long time for Windows to start. It seems like your computer is "stuck". Lots of programs are running in the background. There are system error messages that occur regularly.

Recommended Solution

If your computer has some or all of the problems above, we highly recommend using SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus to fix all the issues that are causing your computer to take a long time to startup.

Detailed Instructions

Step 1: Download Windows Startup Repair Tool and install it
Step 2: Click Tools, and then, click Startup Manager
Step 3: Click Disable All or return to the main menu and select Click to Start Scan button

Common causes of slow Windows startup

There are two main reasons why your Windows PC takes a long time to startup:

  • You have a huge list of startup items that try to load into memory when your computer starts up.
  • Your computer has a deficiency of resources for the number of startup items it's trying to run.

When these system hogs bloat your startup menu, your computer can take an extemely long time before you can even use it.

Technical resolutions for slow startup

Most problems related to slow startup are the result of one of the following two causes:

# Cause 1: Too many startup items are stacked up at system boot.

# Resolution: Disable many of the startup items that aren't required.

How to disable startup items using SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus:

  1. Download SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus and Install It.
  2. Click Tools, and then, click Startup Manager.
  3. Click Diable All or return to the main menu and select Click to Start Scan button

# Cause 2: There are system configuration errors that causes a startup delay

# Resolution: Find and remove the system configuration errors with automated tools.

How to fix systems configuration errors using SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus

  1. Download PC Cleaner Plus and Install It.
  2. Click Click to Start Scan, and then, click Fix All to resolve the system configuration errors.

What we recommend for Windows slow startup issues

If you need help with any of the instructions above, we recommend you download, install and register SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus. Once you registrer SparkTrust PC CLeaner PLUS, you will have access to our certifed, technical support specialists. They will be happy to help you with disabling startup items, in order to provide a better computer experience.

In addition to slow startup issues, your PC may have other issues related to performance and security. You may download SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS and perform a free PC scan to uncover ways to improve the performance of your PC. SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS provides an array of tools and utilites that when combined with our certified, support technicians, proivdes a comprehensive solution to keep your PC at optimal performance.

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