1. DownloadSparkTrust Inspector easily downloads and installs.
2. ScanInspector seeks out registry errors and other issues.
3. FixInspector automatically cleans away errors and issues.
Fix What Ails Your PCSparkTrust Inspector has the features, tools and optimization processes necessary to boost your computer's performance.
Correct System ErrorsRepair Windows registry and system errors to stop PC crashes, freezing, slowdowns and generally poor performance.
Clean Up Your PCSparkTrust Inspector cleans up! It organizes your memory through defragging for improved performance. It also gets rid of clutter and privacy files with confidential info.
Remove MalwareSparkTrust Inspector evicts active malware. These malicious programs can cause instability and poor performance as well as steal your info or bombard you with ads.

Fix your computer now!

Don't continue to put up with a slow PC! It takes just a few minutes to download and scan with SparkTrust Inspector to detect and remove what is hurting your computer's performance. We back up the results with comprehensive support and website security expertise. Act now to improve your computer's performance. With SparkTrust Inspector your computer will run like new in no time.

Just a few clicks can save you many hours of frustration! Download now!

SparkTrust Inspector

Minimum System Requirements
20 MB free hard disk space for initial installation
Microsoft IE 6.0 and above
Logged on as administrator

Operating System Requirements Windows 7 Operating System 32 and 64-bit, Windows Vista Operating System 32-bit, Windows XP Operating System 32-bit