Privacy Policy

SparkTrust Systems Inc. (“SparkTrust Systems”), makers of eTrue, is committed to protecting the privacy of any personal information you may submit and provide to us when visiting this website and/or using any of our services. This Privacy Policy describes SparkTrust Systems’ policy with respect to its collection, use, and disclosure of any personal information.

Information Collection

When you purchase, register, subscribe or use any of the SparkTrust Systems services (“Services”), toolbars or software, we may collect personal information which may include, without limitation, your name, address, email address, and phone number for the purpose of recording the transaction, your registration, your subscription, or tracking your usage when you engage in activities on our web site or within the Services. After you use our toolbars or software, SparkTrust may maintain a partial or full record of the names of the file or the words you searched, the browser you used, and information about malicious applications, files and other potential threats on your computer. When we use a payment processing merchant we ensure that the same strict privacy criteria are in place. We do not (knowingly) collect personal information from persons under the age of eighteen. By registering for SparkTrust software, you agree to receive information related to the price of this product via electronic communication. We also give our users the option of receiving useful product and Service information (such as Service updates, Service alerts, Service outages and/or any associated product offerings), via opt-in permission based email. We fully ensure your privacy and value your trust. We will never sell, rent, lease or trade your personal information to any third party. Likewise, your personal information will not be shared with a third party in any other way unless SparkTrust Systems is required to do so by law. SparkTrust Systems may engage the services of a third party from time to time and may provide certain information that includes personal information in order for the third party to perform such services. Any third parties who provide services to SparkTrust Systems have agreed not to disclose your information or use it for any other purpose, and are required to implement or adopt a Privacy Policy that is no less stringent than SparkTrust Systems’ Privacy Policy. However, if you are using a SparkTrust toolbar or product with search functionality, we may share your IP address with search providers. They may have their own privacy policies that you should familiarize yourself with. You may opt out of receiving emails from us at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email. By choosing to enter and submit the requested information when prompted in order to purchase, register, subscribe, or access any of the Services, you are consenting to SparkTrust Systems’ collection, use, and disclosure of such information for the purposes as outlined herein.

Any information that you post to a chat room, public bulletin or forum is available to all users of that site. SparkTrust Systems cannot control, nor is it responsible for the use, disclosure, or dissemination of such information by any third parties.

Web Site Usage

By visiting and using this Web site, SparkTrust Systems may automatically collect IP addresses and Web site usage information when you access any of our online Services. This information helps us evaluate how our visitors navigate our sites on an aggregate basis, including but not limited to the number and frequency of visitors, length of visits, etc. The Services are being provided by web site servers utilizing log files and will collect information, including without limitation, Internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, platform type, and other demographic information. The information being gathered in the log files do not contain any personally identifiable information.

How Information Is Used When Collected

We may use information collected in the following ways:

  • To process, validate and verify purchases and subscriptions for the Services.
  • To contact you to reconfirm or verify accuracy of information provided.
  • To register you as a customer/user of the Services.
  • To open and maintain a support account for you (if applicable).
  • To send email notifications about new, existing, enhanced products or updates to the Services.
  • To send information on special offers, or to obtain your feedback to help enhance existing features or provide added products and Services.
  • To enable us to personalize content, advertising and promotions based on preferences, needs, suggestions, or recommendations.
  • To provide advance notice of termination of a trial period or your Service subscription, or an opportunity to extend a trial period, subscription, or advance notice of expiration of your right to use the Services.
  • To help us develop better protection and performance software.
  • We may disclose and use personally identifiable information in special circumstances where it is necessary to enforce our service agreements or terms of use (for example protect our intellectual property rights), and your compliance with the applicable Terms of Use contained within the Services. We may also disclose or use your personal information if we are required to under applicable law.
Cookie Policy

What Are Cookies?
We define a cookie as any string of data and information that is automatically stored on your computer upon access to our websites.

Browser Cookies
ParetoLogic employs cookies to assign temporary identification numbers to machines that access our services. This information enables us to deliver faster service capabilities to our customers or to our affiliates and/or other sales partners, prevent denial of service attacks on our systems, detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, and assist with awarding proper sales credit to ourselves or our partners.
ParetoLogic cookies are 1) of limited duration, 2) less than 5KB in length, 3) only visible to ParetoLogic, and 4) devoid of any personally identifiable information. You can learn more about cookies by visiting websites such as
You can set your web browser to warn you when cookies are sent. You can also choose not to have cookies sent at all. Both of these can be done through your browser settings. Turning off cookies may prevent you access to website features and may cause some of our services to not function as intended.

Flash Cookies
Shared objects, also known as Flash cookies, may be used to remember your preferences or personalize content based on what you view on our website. Advertisers and third parties may use Flash cookies to collect and store information. Among the differences between Flash cookies and browser cookies are the amount and type of data as well as how it is stored.
You cannot remove Flash cookies by using regular browser tools. Disabling Flash cookies may prevent you from accessing some website features and some of our website features might not function properly.

Cookie Categories
There are different categories of cookies. The below descriptions can help you decide if and how want to use our websites.

Essential Cookies
This type of cookie is essential to you navigating the website and using specific features. Without these, services such as shopping carts on some sites, for example, cannot work.

Performance Cookies
Performance cookies are used to collect information for website improvement or for other statistic gathering activities. They are used to aggregate anonymous information about how people use our websites. For example, performance cookies are used to collect information about such things as which pages are most often viewed and if you receive error messages. This information is used to fix issues and to personalize your website viewing experience so that you are shown content you have indicated you might enjoy. Third-party advertisers may be allowed to put performance cookies on your device via ads on our websites. These third-party cookies collect information to determine which ads to show, how often to show certain ads, and in which locations on websites the ads are most successful. It is easy to manage or delete performance cookies. Below there are links to easy-to-follow instructions on how to do this.

Functionality Cookies
We, or service providers acting on our behalf, may put functionality cookies onto your device. These cookies are used to remember your settings and preferences and to provide enhanced features you have selected. These cookies collect anonymous information. If you have an account with us and are logged in, the information collected by these cookies may be associated with your account.
We do not collect browsing behavior information from websites that we do not operate. We never share with third parties or advertisers the information collected by functionality cookies.
There may be times where we allow third parties to provide you with content, experiences, or services. In these situations, the third party may place a functionality cookie on your device. Their functionality cookies work the same way as ours.
If you choose to delete functionality cookies, any settings you picked will not be retained.

Advertising Cookies
If you see ads with the symbol you can click it to learn more about behavioral targeting advertising. You can also find out additional information at

Third-Party Targeted Advertising Cookies
These cookies may be put onto your device by ad networks, data exchanges, third-party advertisers, service providers, or marketing analytics. These cookies collect information about your browsing activities from multiple websites. This information is used display relevant ads on our websites. These cookies may also measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
The information collected by these cookies does not identify you personally. We can request that third-party advertising providers turn off their advertising cookies.

ParetoLogic Targeted Advertising Cookies
We may place targeted advertising cookies on your device (or a service provider may do it on our behalf). We may use these cookies on our websites and in tandem with our content and ads on third-party websites to try to show you relevant ads. These cookies may also be used to limit the number of times the same ad is displayed. These cookies collect anonymous information. If you have a registered account with us, the information collected may be associated with your account.
We or the third party setting the cookie is responsible for obtaining your consent.

Registered Users
If you are a registered user, we may use cookies and other tracking technology to analyze your use of our websites. If you have opted in to receiving emails from us, we may use cookies to customize future messages to ensure they are relevant to you. We may use cookies in email messages to see, for example, if they have been opened or which links you clicked. This allows us to customize future content to your interests. We do not share your contact information with third parties unless you have given us explicit permission.

How to Disable Cookies through Your Browser
In your web browser, you can choose to accept or decline cookies. You can also set your browser to ask you before it accepts cookies from websites you visit. If you decline cookies, you may not have access to all of the features available on our websites. If you use different computers, you need to ensure that each browser is set to your preferences. Any cookies that have been installed in the cookie folder of your web browser can be deleted. Below are links to specific instructions for popular web browsers:
Windows Explorer:
Microsoft Edge:
Google Chrome:
Mozilla Firefox:
Apple Safari:

Delete Flash Cookies
Use this link to delete and disable flash cookies:


We may offer links from our website to other third party websites which may be hosted by our co-branding partners or by unrelated companies offering products and/or services which we think may be of interest to you. Such websites are not governed by this privacy policy and SparkTrust Systems makes no representation or warranties as to their practices for the collection and how they handle your personal information. We recommend that you check the privacy policy of any website at the beginning of your visit.


The personally identifiable information we collect about you is stored in limited access servers. We maintain such safeguards to protect security of servers and your personally identifiable information. We retain personally identifiable information only as long as necessary to complete a purchase, registration, provide customer service, or maintain your account and/or Service subscription with us.

Policy Modifications

We may change this Privacy Policy at any time without notice to you in order to reflect our practices and provide greater protection for your information. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted promptly here or in a prominent location on this web site, so please check back periodically. If you continue to visit this web site and/or access and use any of the Services following any modification to this Privacy Policy, you hereby acknowledge and consent to such modifications.

Acceptance of Terms

By using the SparkTrust Systems Services, accessing the SparkTrust Systems web site, or purchasing, registering, or subscribing to the SparkTrust Systems Service(s) you are consenting to the practices relating to information collection and use of any personal information that are described in this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at