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Fix Driver Problems and Much More!

  • Update drivers for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP operating systems.
  • Fix system and registry errors that cause slowdowns and errors.
  • Get rid of active malware that can steal info, take over your PC, and worse.
  • Improve startup times by pruning the number of programs that launch.
  • Includes defrag and file manager tools to make computing easier.
What is PC Cleaner PLUS?
PC Cleaner PLUS scans your PC to see which device drivers are outdated. It then helps you download the latest drivers. Updating your drivers with PC Cleaner PLUS improves stability and performance and is faster, safer and easier than updating manually.
Is your PC running slow?
Out of date drivers can cause...
Slow load times
Unreliable suspend and resume
Intermittent network problems
Blue screens and system crashes

Update your Drivers Now!

PC Cleaner PLUS finds the drivers you need and boosts your PC’s speed and performance. It has all the tools needed to clean, fix and optimize your computer to get it running better than ever.

Update Drivers in 3 Easy Steps:

1. DOWNLOAD and install SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS
2. SCAN for outdated drivers
3. UPDATE driver for improved performance

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