Boost Slow PC

Free System Scan SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS's system scan identifies Windows registry errors and system problems slowing down your PC.

Performance Problems Stop unwanted programs and processes that eat up valuable resources.

Clean Up PC

Defrag hard drive Defragmenting your hard drive optimizes your PC's memory. With its files in the right places, your computer's performance improves.

Junk Files Cleanup SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS deletes junk files that are unneeded and take up valuable space.

Protect PC

Find/Remove Malware Malware can steal your identity, take control of your PC, or other malicious activity. SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS removes active malware.

Privacy Items SparkTrust PC CLeaner PLUS wipes away passwords, account numbers and other confidential data to keep you safe.

Fix Windows Errors:

SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS utilizes advanced scanning and cleaning engines to correct Windows registry and system errors. It fixes DLL, uninstall, file path reference, shell extension, application path and other errors that can cause slowdowns and crashes.

Increase Startup Speed:

With SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS, you can stop unneeded programs and processes from hogging resources and slowing everything down. This includes at startup, when having too many programs launching at once bogs your PC down.

Enhance PC Protection:

Malicious programs, such as viruses and malware, can try to swipe confidential info about you for identity theft and credit card fraud. SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS searches your computer to clean away malware and confidential data contained in privacy files.

Easily Defrag Hard Drive:

Defragging your hard drive can really improve the speed of saving and recalling your files. It brings all of the parts of your files to nearby locations so that they can easily be found. This means increased speed and less wear and tear on your computer.
Lots of System Tools:SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS is designed to make computing more enjoyable. It has valuable tools, such as a File Manager. You just enter in a file extension (eg. RAR) and it will tell you the file type and which programs can open it. It even helps you find the right software.
Bonus Website Scanner:SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS helps you protect your websites from hackers and cybercriminals. It scans your sites for vulnerabilities and provides an easy-to-read report, backed by real-world expertise, that helps you better defend your properties.

The PC Performance Solution

SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS will help speed up any Slow Computer Fast – and removes many headaches in the process.

SparkTrust PC Cleaner PLUS is the "Only solution" you need, easily fixing:
Fix Slow Computer problems Completely!
  • Is your computer too slow?
  • Does your PC often crash or freeze?
  • Does Windows take a long time to start up?
  • Do you get frequent Windows or Internet Explorer error messages?

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